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Who we are. Mybex is an outsourcing IT organization focused on business solutions design and implementation, solving business issues and business ideas generation and cultivation.

Mybex slogan is Make Your Business Effective Keeping Calm. We are from. Mybex LLC is an IT company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Our company is engaged in outsourcing, supplying business solutions for the local and western markets. The company is founded by three friends with different expert profiles with more than 30 years experience in the sum :)

The main development center is located in Ukraine in the picturesque maritime city of Odessa. Link to the presentation video here
The company grows its presence in Ukraine as main development base and uses Upwork as the labor exchange. As for market we succeeded to start exploring the USA opportunities and we want to follow that direction.We are interested in building cooperation with development companies focusing on solving the problems of our partners. 

What we want

Find friendly partners and execute business projects effectively keeping calm

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